San Juan Skyway: Day 3: Mesa Verde to Durango (6/4/13)

As many of you know, we have an exciting trip coming up in a few days. In an effort to get you in the habit of checking our blog, we dug up an old, dusty notebook from 2013 and typed out journal entries from our four-day bike trip around the gorgeous San Juan Skyway in Colorado.

We headed over to the café to grab breakfast after breaking down camp. When we got to the outdoor seating area, we saw someone who looked like Kirsty Gallagher from Peace Corps. Turns out it was her! We ate unlimited pancakes and caught up with Kirsty. Then we equivocated a bit about whether or not we wanted to hitch hike to the cliff dwellings (unfortunately, Kirsty had gone to them all yesterday). We decided not to, partially because there was no place to keep our stuff (of course the NPS/Aramark employees were not willing to let us keep our things in a storage closet) and partially because we like being in control and hate asking people for things.


We took the long, hot, busy, incline road to Durango and got a hotel there for the night, if for no other reason, because my sleeping pad is busted and I’m sick of sleeping on the ground. The ride was boring, boring, boring for the first 30 miles, then we took a beautiful descent into the valley were Durango is situated.


We reached 39.8mph, the fastest I’ve ever gone on a bike. The vegetation changed back to that lush, green landscape we experienced on day 1. When we got to Durango, there was a beautiful path along the Animas River that led to town. We watched a little Harry Potter in the hotel room, showered, and headed out for delicious pizza and beer. We also decided to take the train from Durango to Silverton tomorrow because Teddy’s knee was hurting really badly and the train is supposed to be spectacular. No one-way fares, which is annoying, but better than climbing two mountain passes on a bum knee.

After pizza we went to a local brewery and ordered some interesting beers. A dandelion saison and I can’t remember what Ted ordered. We then picked up some food from the grocery store and rested in the room.

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