About Us

We are Ted Olds and Danielle Cummings.

We live in Brooklyn, NY.

We like to ride bikes.

We rode our bikes from Anacortes, WA to Brooklyn, NY in summer 2015 and documented each day of that trip here. We’ve also ridden our bikes from Astoria to Brookings, OR; around the San Juan Skyway in Colorado; and from Carmel to San Louis Obisbo, CA. In December 2016, we’ll attempt our first international bike trip in Laos and Thailand. (Light on the biking, heavy on the waterfall wading. What can I say; we’re getting old.)

Somewhere south of Carmel, CA

Somewhere south of Carmel, CA

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Danielle and Ted
    We have been reading your entries and enjoying your photos (including the one of us). You have been very complimentary of NW Michigan and yes we like to keep it somewhat of a secret. We are so happy you visited and had a marvelous time.
    Our daughter, Carly, is now following you as well and is enjoying your journey vicariously. Marlene and Isiah. Happy travels; Stay safe😄🚴


    • It was great to meet you both and I’m glad you’re following along! We’re itching for our next trip to Michigan, something I wouldn’t have expected to say at the beginning of our trip. You picked a wonderful place to retire!


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