What are panniers? What are granny gears?

A few people have asked us what our blog name means, so this is a quick post to explain. Panniers are the bags we hang on our racks that hold all of our stuff. We will both carry four panniers, two on the front, two on the back. 

Granny gears are the very low gears on a bike that allow us to make it up steep hills with 50+ pounds of gear on each of our bikes. On our Southwest Colorado bike tour, Dani didn’t have granny gears; therefore, Ted carried most of the weight. Dani will not be so lucky this time. 

We’re leaving Kona, HI (because we had an opportunity to take a trip to Hawaii and we couldn’t turn it down) on a red-eye tonight and will begin our tour tomorrow!


Beautiful Pololu Valley in Kohala, HI

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